Bread of Life Challenge


Bread of Life Challenge

 The Bread of Life Challenge is for all faiths, religions and peoples. It will certainly spike the interest of all peoples and challenge everyone to live a good life. Yes, non-religious people can benefit from The Bread of Life Challenge as its teachings help us to better understand how we should live in a highly moral and motivational society, respecting one another. 

 The Bread of Life Challenge is a thirty day challenge to study “The Bread of Life” booklet, after the thirty days the participant will take a 12 question exam, then write a 750 word essay on “the Bread of Life” booklet describing how he/she sees themselves in relation to the content of “The Bread of Life” booklet. 


That's not all!

 You could win a $500.00 Scholarship toward books or tuition for college.


How do you get started?

Fill out the registration form and mail it to:

Disciples for Christ Ministry  C/O Bread of Life Challenge  

4001 Newportville Rd.  Levittown Pa. 19056 

Registration Form

bread of life challenge signup (docx)